Friday, September 01, 2006

Air Rifle Origami Pt 2

I have been wonderin' how this project was coming along. It's been a particularly busy week for me, I haven't been checkin my spam infested inbox, then Noli surprises me with this:

This configuration will only be available on the Caiman for now. The stock swings open from the folded position and is locked into place by the thumb screw on top of the swing. It is also adjustable for LOP by a set screw. It was designed it so that it can be fired even with the stock in the folded position. Preeetty cool.

If the Caiman Had Wings

A part 2 to our on-going shroud project, first the carbon fiber, now this T3 aluminum tube to try out as shroud material. Note what it says on the pipe, AVIATUBE, I guess that's aircraft materials. Here's what they say about it:

2024 is a high-strength alloy most often used in aerospace applications. It has a yield strength that is roughly 10 percent higher and an ultimate strength of roughly 50 percent higher than 6061.

50% stronger, coooool. :-)