Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The CB-A

The CB-A is built on the CB platform with the following differences; a round T6 Aluminum receiver for lighter weight, an adjustable hammer spring for tuning, and it will come standard with the Medium reservoir.

With attached moderator (included):

Three piece design is double bolted for safety and rigidity, but comes apart easily for easy take down, servicing, and tuning. This is a very stable platform that has been in use on the Tornado. The move back to the 3pc design was due to customer feedback and our own experience on its ease of use and reliability.

Easy hammer spring adjustment for fine tuning.


The CB-A is Filarms’ mid-grade PCP air rifle, value price for the avid sportsman and entry level competition shooter. It is topped with a lightweight T6 aluminum receiver and comes standard with the sleek, Medium reservoir (40.64mm/1.6in) that Filarms introduced first to Filipino airgunners. Like the CB, it has 2 power settings via two cocking modes; low power and hi power. Available in .22 and .177 caliber.


  • Hammer-type, dual Cock (2 power settings)
  • Round T6 aluminum receiver, grooved for scope mounting
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Externally adjustable hammer spring (power/tuning)
  • 19in steel sleeved, brass barrel (.22/.177)
  • Moderator/Supressor included
  • Medium (40.64mm/1.6in) T6 aluminum reservoir, detachable
  • Est. 60-80 shots in .22 cal at hi power / 80-100+ shots at lo power
  • Adaptable to C02 using optional C02 adaptor.



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C02 Adaptor

Projected release: Late January 2008

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Boy De Leon said...

Hi Chris, Boy De Leon here, just have some questions about the CB/CB-A,

1. if the high power is set to around 850 fps for 22, what will be the low fps?

2.The brass barrels are shop made or from where??

3. What's the length of the T6 powerplant?? Can it be longer based on buyer's specs??

4. What's the metal finish?? T6 and steel...

Thanks and more power!!!