Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Autumn Airgun Festival, 2006

Please try and make this upcoming event, I will try my best to go this year.

When? October 21, 2006 (attendees are welcome to arrive Friday afternoon and camp or stay in their motorhomes) RAIN or SHINE!

Where? Boyd Farm, (see map and directions below) (no entry fee)

Cost? Absolutely FREE! The organizers are happy to support this national event for the pleasure of all airgunners!

Who? All airgunners of all ages are invited. (Under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult). No firearms, only airguns.

Why? Because we think it is appropriate to continue to provide the venue for the promotion of airgunning with this FREE event.

What? There will be FT practice, a formal FT match, plinking, silhouette shooting, long range (140 yards) and Big Bore (maybe up to 300 yard) shooting. There will be free soft drinks, cookies, chips, dips, moon pies, etc. all day long. Did I mention that it's all FREE?

Click here for more information:

The Autumn Airgun Festival, 2006

LAGSA's 3rd UIT, Medium bull and Metallic Silhoutte Pistol

LAGSA will have its 3rd UIT, Medium bull and Metallic Silhoutte Pistol.
this will be at Hunters Rendezvouz at Canlalay, BiƱan on Sept 3, 2006.

events are:

UIT rifle mens division - open category - 3 medals
UIT rifle ladies division - open category - 3 medals
Medium Bull mens division - sporter event/iron sights - open category - 3 medals
Medium Bull ladies division - sporter event/iron sights - open category - 3 medals
Metallic Silhoutte - pistol event - 5 medals

Lets blow this sport up people!

Air Rifle Origami

We are close to perfecting the long awaited folding stock, although we are still trying to make it work with the Tornado. So for now, only the Caiman will be available in this configuration.

To make it really compact, the rear stock folds flush against the side of the forearm. It will also have two set screws accessible from the bottom that will let you adjust it for LOP. The folding mechanism is massive to give it rigidity. I am really looking forward to what promises to be a fun little quick take-down carbine.

Stay tuned ....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


In our support for all organized shooting sports in the Philippines, I'm extending an invitation for EVERYBODY to come out and watch or join the 1st ARMSCOR METALLIC SILHOUETTE NATIONAL OPEN. It will be held at the Armscor Shooting Ranges, Armscor Avenue, Brgy. Fortune, Parang, Marikina City, on September 16 & 17, 2006 (Saturday & Sunday)

They will have the following events:

Air Rifle (Any Sight & Open Sight)
Air Pistol (Any Sight & Open Sight)
Small bore Rifle (Any Sight)
Big Bore Pistol (Open Sight)

You may download the invitation here (right click and "save target as" or just click to view)

1st A.M.N.S.O.

I am inviting our local hunters to try and join this even because the disciplines are similar. I think it is the best way to test your skills under pressure and what you learn from this can help you become a better shot and a better hunter. Most of all, you will all have fun there, the friendly rivalry and camaraderie can't be beat!

I'd like to remind everyone that we have a promotion for the 1st ever to win a major national or invitational MS or FT match using one of our rifles. We will be giving away the following items for 1st to 5th place.

1ST PLACE WINNER – H.W. (GERMANY) BARREL 24” LONG BY 16MM O.D., CHOKED in .177 OR 22 (depends on stock on hand)




You may download the complete rules here:

Filarms Promo

Good shooting to everybody. =)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

25 cal Bigboy Caiman

We have been experimenting on a .25 caliber Big Boy Caiman with a 20
inch HW barrel for the export market. Noli just reported what he's getting so far:

Pellets: Beeman FTS (19.5g approx)

1st Shot: 904.9fps

20th Shot: 908.8fps

30th Shot: 908.22fps

40th Shot: 900.1fps

50th Shot: 896.0fps

60th Shot: 909.1fps

70th Shot: 890.0fps

Shot to shot dev: 4 - 6 fps

Starting fill: 3,100 psi
End Fill: 2,000 psi

Now, to also make a related theory, we expect the new 19 grain .22 cal Hystans to perform similarly, but with more shots of course because of the added pressure created by the smaller volume of the .22 cal barrel.

Updated, pics up.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The 24 Hour Chrono Station ...

According to Noli, since most guests and customers operate on the infamous Filipino Time, he's had to make our chrono station operable even in the dark of night. I guess even the aswangs can use the chrony now, possibly to measure tongue flitting velocity. =)

Water, Soda, and Beer are at the back cooler, the cashier doesn't have more than 1000 pesos in change.

Farewell My Pretty =(

I just wanted to show the Caiman with the black pepper laminate stock one last time before its new owner adds it to his growing collection of Filarms airguns. I had originally brought that laminate blank from Boyds to install on my own special Caiman, but alas, it now goes to a good home...I hold no grudges though. I know it will be treated as well as I would have had it remained mine. *sniff*

Funny thing is, I had ordered the Royal Jacaranda color, but they shipped this one to me by mistake. After it took shape, it just grew on me until I knew that parting would be such sweet sorrow.

Doin The Math....(Big Boy performance numbers)

I hate numbers, but Harry Fuller from OZ was kind enough to do give us the Big Boy Caiman's performance numbers in his post at the Yellow Forum:

According to the data:
220 shots between 923 and 944 fps .. say Mean MV 933.5 fps.
3100 to 1700 psi air usage; say 213.8 to 117.2 approx bar.
96.6 bar pressure drop.
11.6 grain pellet for 22.45 fpe.
Tank capacity 430 cc.

22.45 fpe x 220 shots = 4939 total fpe.
96.6 bar drop x 430 cc = 41538 bar-cc / 4939 = 8.4 bar-cc/ fpe.

AND only 21 fps Extreme Spread for 220 shots at 22.45 fpe with a .177 cal ............

I wonder how good the figures would have been if Noli had only shot say 100 shots and then stopped?....... Wonderful stuff happening just north of Australia. I am old enough to remember when Philippine soldiers were training just 12 miles across the mountains from where this little boy was just getting his first shooting lessons from his dad with a Daisy. I remember those soldiers foot slogging across the rain forest clad mountains and past our house, with not 50 yards and a creek separating us, as they made their way south on some exercise. Those were dark days in our lands.

Good on'ya Chris and Noli...... I am saving my pennies ..... Kind regards, Harry.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You want shot count? I give you shot count! Testing the Big Boy Caiman.

It is one of the few times I'm glad I have jetlag, I was chatting with Noli till 4am because they happened to be testing out the .177 barreled Big Boy Caiman.

They were using our locally made 11.6 grain heavy pellets at a fill of 3100 psi.

First 10 shots blew by at 930 fps. This goes on a roll till the 180th shot with a shot to shot dev of 2-3 fps, and ends up at 935 fps.

Noli gets back to me on chat excitedly telling me he'll try for 200 hehe. 200th shot was breached. 944 fps. We're still only looking at an extreme spread of <20 src="">

So I urged him to see where the curve will start to head down, going down to 922 fps at shot no. 220 with 1700 psi remaining.

On that note, he said when they were still pumping it up, they tried a few shots at 1200 psi and it was giving 890 fps. Hehe. Before some minor spring tuning it was spitting lead out at over 1000 fps.

Sorry if we're getting a bit excited, this might be common performance stats (I think) for the huge korean guns and some others but we have to admit, these numbers are a first for any of us in the Philippines. Nobody has ever accomplished this and I'm quite proud of the team right now. At 7.3 lbs WITH SCOPE, I think this bad boy is going to be my carry gun in the field now. =)

And a good morning to everyone...