Thursday, August 16, 2007

Caiman B-Type

We were toying with the idea of a bottle-type Caiman, and this is what we came up with:

Our new toy's got a 15-inch .22 cal brass barrel and is currently spitting out JSB's at 860fps for roughly 65-70 shots. I'd consider it a carbine, 37 inches OAL with moderator on, and 30 inches off. That's just a 3-9x40 Leapers scope on top, so you can judge the relative size of it.

It's got a pretty unique gauge position:

A simple tilt up will give you a look at the reading. There's a foster quick fill on the other side:

We found it was much easier to recharge while holding the rifle firmly about the middle, instead of fumbling with something at the muzzle end of the reservoir.


We've only tested it at our 20 yard range so far as we haven't had time to hit the 50 yard one (which is quite a ways away from the shop), but I'm pretty satisfied that it meets our standards. Those are .22 cal pellet-sized targets...

And it comes complete with video. You may note I'm fumbling the 2nd shot because I noticed I stuck a JSB pellet in with a bent skirt (that's the nice thing about the Caiman's direct loading function), so I was trying to pry it out. I was aware the camera was running so I gave up on it, hehe.

You may also note the new thumbhole stock style, with a big indent for those who prefer a thumbs up position, and easier access to the hammer. Nice thing about it is, lefties like me can still shoot it comfortably.

I sure wish we had more time to get into this, but we're too busy at the shop right now. I do think it's got future potential. I like it, too bad Noli called dibs on it first.

Code name: Caiman B-Type, because I'm imaginative like that.

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