Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year, New Policies, New Products

A Message to all our friends, customers and supporters, past and present:

We hope that this New Year finds you all in good health and shooting form.

As some of you may have noticed, we have been through some trials in the past year. In our efforts to win over the market and over enthusiasm about our product that has performed beyond our expectations, we had over extended ourselves and expanded too fast, too soon. This has resulted in unacceptable delays and some quality control issues that should never have occurred.

In light of what has transpired, we as a company decided to pull back and examine our most basic beliefs. One thing we know for sure is that we did not set out to sell as many airguns as possible.

  • We believe in a product that speaks for itself in terms of performance, reliability, and most of all: quality.
  • We also believe that we have to earn our customer’s faith by providing excellent customer service.

Where we have fallen short of these beliefs, we pledge to rectify; systematically and completely.

We have made the appropriate revisions to our business plan and model, and you will all soon see the accompanying changes brought on by that.

This brings us to our first announcement this year:

We are now phasing out the Caiman in all its variations. It will be succeeded by the Caiman Mk2 as well as 2 new models that will soon be introduced in this blog. The main reason for this is we simply cannot afford to keep building the Caiman and stay in business. It is a platform we believe in and have put our faith in, but we have realized that it is plain and simply too expensive and time consuming to build. Over the past few months, we have been developing the Mk2 using everything we have gleaned from the Caiman platform, taking out what we felt was unnecessary and incorporating details we felt the Caiman should have had. The Mk2 will henceforth be our flagship model. It will come standard with what used to be optional on the Caiman. The details and performance of the Mk2 will be released in this blog in the coming days. To all Caiman owners, please be assured that we will continue to support and service them, we just won't be making any more.

The other two models being released are the CB and the CB-A. These new models are hammer-type airguns priced and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of airgunners, from the beginner to the avid sportsman. The first to be introduced in the blog will be the entry-level CB, a hammer-type with some exciting features and a great price. It is very exciting for us as it is priced to be within reach of the average airgunner, while still delivering the performance we’ve all come to expect of Filarms’ airguns.

On that note, we will now be limiting all custom work to post-purchase orders. This means that ALL our products will be sold standard. Custom orders will be given a separate timeline and will have to be ordered after the purchase and delivery of each airgun. This is being done to give our facility the chance to concentrate on making each airgun perfectly and on time, without the additional delays caused by having to modify it while in the production line. As much as we would like to provide each customer with an airgun that is exactly to their specs, we believe that delivering a quality product comes first and foremost. All the options that Filarms airguns were known for and first introduced to the local market will still be available, it is just their installation and/or assembly that will be a separate transaction with its own timeline.

We will soon start to deliver our products to dealers throughout the Metro Manila area. Please keep checking this site as we will be announcing where you can find them in a sporting goods retailer near you.

Please note also, we’ve unfortunately lost the domain to a squatter. You can reach us temporarily at or or at the shop tel number.

We’d like to thank you for your continued support and extend our sincerest apologies to those affected by the delays and other issues we faced. Our commitment to Integrity, Performance, and Quality is one we intend to live by, as well as a phrase borrowed from Tim McMurray of Mac-1 Airguns,

“Under Promise, Over Deliver”

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