Monday, October 16, 2006

Some pics to get caught up....

I've had several rounds of pics that Noli had sent me and not had time to upload, so I'll be posting a lot of pics just to catch up on things before I move on to my 2nd runner-up win at my first ever major sillywet event in the Philippines. Did I mention I got 2nd runner up? Heheh....

First up is the new Big Boy Caiman Carbine ... shorter barrel and shorter tank, but still a helluva shooter that gets a huge amount of consistent shots.

Note the nice stippling ...

Next are pics from the Pampanga Shoot where the Bigboy Tornado in multishot configuration made its first appearance. Also in attendance were a couple of other Tornados and the prototype Tornado pistol. This was also where Filarms competed in their first Benchrest Competition. Congratulations to our HW barrel promotion winner, the first shooters to use a Filarms rifle to garner wins in a major MS event.

A Bigboy Caiman

The prototype Tornado pistol

A multishot Tornado with a bigboy tank.

Then we have pics from the Armscor Invitational that I posted about earlier

A trio of Caimans: A Bigboy rifle, the Bigboy Carbine, and the regular tank with a custom stock.

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