Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why a shroud?

Some of you might ask, why a shroud? Well, installing a shroud accomplishes different purposes for different users. There are those who would prefer not to have a detachable silencer that they'd have to attach everytime they want to shoot. The shroud is a PERMANENT attachment that does the same job, without the potential legal and technical hassles that having a detachable silencer may present. Besides, they do look really really cool! :-)

Our choice of shroud material is 1in dia carbon fiber tube. It is extremely light (that 20 inch length is only 2 ounces), rigid, and very strong. As a follow up to our shroud experimentation, here's our progress on the shroud project.

The cf shroud was tipped with aluminum and has basically the same internals as our Thrust Vector Silencers. Testing on the DB meter showed similar sound characteristics too.

Shown here it is mounted on a Tornado frame and temporarily attached to a standard stock.

Here it is in final configuration on a Multishot Tornado with a laminate stock.

Note the extra length reservoir. =)

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