Sunday, July 09, 2006

For a little nostalgia....

Here's a lil piece of air powered nostalgia. It's a locally made air shotgun that my partner Joel brought to the shop. It is pretty fascinating, Joel tells me many a wild duck and snipe has fallen to this baby, usually within 25-30 yards. I didn't have a ruler on me but the barrel is roughly 30 inches, and it is a co2 powered bolt action that has a cupped bolt face, possibly to hold the shot? The reservoir looks to be an inch in diameter, and extends more than half the length of the brass barrel.
It supposedly can shoot 1/2 inch bearings at around 500-600 fps. I've personally never weighed a steel ball bearing but that sounds like some serious fpe coming out of a c02!

Its slim lines may be deceiving, but the barrel is huge!

Here it is along with one of our prototypes to illustrate the size (the proto is 40 inches long with the silencer)

The bolt

Business end, at first I thought that brass thing at the end of the barrel was a choke, but Joel assures me it serves no purpose hehe.

The bolt

It's quite a piece and I'm sure it can tell quite a tale. Joel used to regale me about his past hunting exploits using this exact same gun, and I know it has been through a lot and seen many many birds go down before its barrage of birdshot. I just wish I was there to see it in action. Who knows? I might be able to persuade Joel to bring it along for old times sake. =)

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