Sunday, July 09, 2006

my PITA just redeemed itself....

A few days before my trip to the Philippines to visit the shop, I decided almost last minute to try and transport a laminate gunstock blank to see if we could do something special with it. Turns out the thing was a monster, and I had to switch bags to find one that will accomodate such a long piece of wood. I was loathe to cut it up as I didn't have the exact dimensions for our standard stock so I was forced to carry it with me as is. Well after a couple of failed attempts my buddy Wayne finally was able to stuff it into my luggage and off I went to the airport to get hassled by TSA. Little did I know it wasn't going to fit in my brother's FX35 either, so we had to remove it from my luggage on the drive to the airport and put it back on. Oh joy.

Anyway, to make a a long story short it finally got here but had to wait in line behind other jobs, increasing my excitement and anxiety. Our magician/stock maker Cho finally got around to working on it the other day and I am pleased to say that it is turning out quite nicely. All the hassles of bringing it was forgotten and I'm just excited to see this thing take shape. I'm a bit sad that I opted to have it tailored for RH (and I'm a lefty) just to make it easier to sell, but it seems I will have no problems with it as people have actually started bidding on the damn thing here hehe. I guess laminate stocks are pretty rare in these parts. =)

Getting inletted

Cho doing his magic

On a somewhat related side note, my partner Noli's experimental youth stock is just about done...

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