Monday, July 10, 2006

The Pressure is ON (The Saga of the Big Boy Tank)

Well we finally finished assembling our large U.S. T6 Aluminum tank, presently nicknamed "Big Boy".

It is a monster 430cc tank that dwarfs our standard steel and aluminum tank, giving roughly twice the volume, but with the same weight as our standard sized steel tank. Meaning? Well you hunters out there can now hit the field knowing you have 100 - 150 good shots in your tank, all without having more weight to carry. You can leave your pumps at camp.

The true test of this tank is its durability and safety. We couldn't wait to hook it up to our in-house hydrotester to see what it is made of. The standard test is 1.5x of normal operating pressure, so with our projected 2800 - 3,000 psi max rec fill pressure, our target pressure on the hydro was around 4,500 psi. After a couple of false starts caused by forgotten O-rings, we finally got the big boy hooked up to the hydro and started pumping. We were suprised to exceed 4,500 psi quite quickly, and we stopped for expansion check at 6,000 psi. Our big boy was holding strong.

We waited several hours to see if it held pressure without any dimensional changes, then to check for O-ring failure we went on to 7,000 psi.

It is still holding strong. I guess we can consider our testing a success. The first philippine made big tank pcp is ready for market.

(many thanks to Tim M for his advice on the end plugs and for everything else, we wouldn't have this without him

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