Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Autumn Airgun Festival, 2006

Please try and make this upcoming event, I will try my best to go this year.

When? October 21, 2006 (attendees are welcome to arrive Friday afternoon and camp or stay in their motorhomes) RAIN or SHINE!

Where? Boyd Farm, (see map and directions below) (no entry fee)

Cost? Absolutely FREE! The organizers are happy to support this national event for the pleasure of all airgunners!

Who? All airgunners of all ages are invited. (Under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult). No firearms, only airguns.

Why? Because we think it is appropriate to continue to provide the venue for the promotion of airgunning with this FREE event.

What? There will be FT practice, a formal FT match, plinking, silhouette shooting, long range (140 yards) and Big Bore (maybe up to 300 yard) shooting. There will be free soft drinks, cookies, chips, dips, moon pies, etc. all day long. Did I mention that it's all FREE?

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The Autumn Airgun Festival, 2006

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