Monday, August 07, 2006

Doin The Math....(Big Boy performance numbers)

I hate numbers, but Harry Fuller from OZ was kind enough to do give us the Big Boy Caiman's performance numbers in his post at the Yellow Forum:

According to the data:
220 shots between 923 and 944 fps .. say Mean MV 933.5 fps.
3100 to 1700 psi air usage; say 213.8 to 117.2 approx bar.
96.6 bar pressure drop.
11.6 grain pellet for 22.45 fpe.
Tank capacity 430 cc.

22.45 fpe x 220 shots = 4939 total fpe.
96.6 bar drop x 430 cc = 41538 bar-cc / 4939 = 8.4 bar-cc/ fpe.

AND only 21 fps Extreme Spread for 220 shots at 22.45 fpe with a .177 cal ............

I wonder how good the figures would have been if Noli had only shot say 100 shots and then stopped?....... Wonderful stuff happening just north of Australia. I am old enough to remember when Philippine soldiers were training just 12 miles across the mountains from where this little boy was just getting his first shooting lessons from his dad with a Daisy. I remember those soldiers foot slogging across the rain forest clad mountains and past our house, with not 50 yards and a creek separating us, as they made their way south on some exercise. Those were dark days in our lands.

Good on'ya Chris and Noli...... I am saving my pennies ..... Kind regards, Harry.

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