Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You want shot count? I give you shot count! Testing the Big Boy Caiman.

It is one of the few times I'm glad I have jetlag, I was chatting with Noli till 4am because they happened to be testing out the .177 barreled Big Boy Caiman.

They were using our locally made 11.6 grain heavy pellets at a fill of 3100 psi.

First 10 shots blew by at 930 fps. This goes on a roll till the 180th shot with a shot to shot dev of 2-3 fps, and ends up at 935 fps.

Noli gets back to me on chat excitedly telling me he'll try for 200 hehe. 200th shot was breached. 944 fps. We're still only looking at an extreme spread of <20 src="http://www.filarms.com/pics/blog/bigboytest2.jpg">

So I urged him to see where the curve will start to head down, going down to 922 fps at shot no. 220 with 1700 psi remaining.

On that note, he said when they were still pumping it up, they tried a few shots at 1200 psi and it was giving 890 fps. Hehe. Before some minor spring tuning it was spitting lead out at over 1000 fps.

Sorry if we're getting a bit excited, this might be common performance stats (I think) for the huge korean guns and some others but we have to admit, these numbers are a first for any of us in the Philippines. Nobody has ever accomplished this and I'm quite proud of the team right now. At 7.3 lbs WITH SCOPE, I think this bad boy is going to be my carry gun in the field now. =)

And a good morning to everyone...


Rob said...

Amazing performance, Chris and crew. I've been obsessing over the Caiman since I first saw pics of it.
Looking forward to shot count specs on the .22 version.

Let me know when you start taking orders. I'm ready.... Looking to be the first kid on my block with one..haha
Take care,

Lamar said...

Great looking gun Chris and great performance! I can't wait to see them hit the market here.