Wednesday, August 09, 2006

25 cal Bigboy Caiman

We have been experimenting on a .25 caliber Big Boy Caiman with a 20
inch HW barrel for the export market. Noli just reported what he's getting so far:

Pellets: Beeman FTS (19.5g approx)

1st Shot: 904.9fps

20th Shot: 908.8fps

30th Shot: 908.22fps

40th Shot: 900.1fps

50th Shot: 896.0fps

60th Shot: 909.1fps

70th Shot: 890.0fps

Shot to shot dev: 4 - 6 fps

Starting fill: 3,100 psi
End Fill: 2,000 psi

Now, to also make a related theory, we expect the new 19 grain .22 cal Hystans to perform similarly, but with more shots of course because of the added pressure created by the smaller volume of the .22 cal barrel.

Updated, pics up.

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